Everyday Train Life Street Photos Featured in Boredpanda!

I’m happy to announce that Boredpanda, a popular culture online magazine has featured a selection of my black & white Street Photographs.

Overhead, © 2018 Pak Han

Overhead, © 2018 Pak Han

Here’s the article from Boredpanda:

It was a pleasant culture shock when I first visited Japan in 2006.  I especially loved Tokyo.  It’s a city bustling with energy and rich in culture, a juxtaposition of old and ultra-modern.  The lure of Japan was powerful and I ended up making several more trips there with my camera in hand.

One of the many fascinating things about Japan and Tokyo in particular is its vast railway system and the people who use it.  I live in California where we have an automobile culture and most of us spend many hours getting around in our cars.  For the Japanese, trains are the major means of transportation.  They’re in the trains and train stations almost daily to commute to work or school, and run errands.  To make lives easier for those busy bodies, everyday necessities, such as grocery stores, restaurants and other numerous retailers are found inside or near the stations.  It’s quite convenient, even for tourists.  I bought the tastiest pork dumplings inside the Shin-Osaka Train Station and ate them for lunch inside the Tokyo bound Shinkansen (Bullet train).  My mouth is watering just thinking those dumplings. 

I always look forward to riding the trains while in Japan.  As a Street Photographer, it gives me an opportunity to observe people in their daily lives and capture something that’s uniquely Japanese as well as get creative composing each frame to tell an interesting story.  I hope by sharing these photographs, I can show a little slice of the intriguing culture of Japan.